We combine traditional Thai recipes with modern techniques for dishes you won't find anywhere else.

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Available in your choice of mushroom, vegetable, chicken (add $1.00 for shrimp or $2.00 for seafood).

Tom Yum                  $4.50
(Lemongrass) *

Famous Thai hot and sour soup with mushrooms in a tart tamarind chicken broth sauce seasoned with lemongrass, onion and bell pepper.

Potak Seafood Soup$6.99

Shrimp, scallop, mussel and calamari cooked with onion, bell pepper, mushroom, basil leaves and lemongrass in a lemony broth.

Mushroom Soup                 $4.99

A tasty puree of mushroom, potato, and onion spiced with tarragon and garnished with a splash of cream.

Tom Kah (Galanga) *             $4.50

Coconut broth simmered with galanga, accented with roasted chili peppers and lime juice.

Tofu Soup $3.99

Bean curd and vegetables in a clear broth.

Asparagus Soup               $5.50(Seasonal)

A perfect asparagus and onion mixture garnished with tarragon and lump crabmeat.

Wonton Soup $3.99

A seasoned chicken broth with scallions and wontons filled with mixed vegetable, chicken and shrimp filling.

Crispy Duck $8.50(or $7.50)(or Faux
Duck Salad)

Crispy shredded duck tossed in a spring mix with shredded fresh green apple, chili, and onion. A refreshing medley of flavors!

Morning Glory $8.99

Fried to crispy green water crest leaves tossed with shrimp, ground chicken, dressed in lemongrass, lime juice green onions, chili paste and cilantro.

Numtok Salad                 $8.50

Sliced charbroiled beef or pork tossed with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and seasoned lime juice on a bed of mixed greens with a hint of a spicy oyster sauce as a dressing.

Mango Salad             $8.50

Fresh young mango, ground peanut, dried shrimp and red onion tossed in a spring mix with a sweet lime vinaigrette.

Savory Seafood  $8.99

Shrimp, calamari, mussel, scallop, lettuce, spinach, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and peanuts tossed in lemongrass ginger dressing.

Eggplant Salad               $6.99

Grilled eggplant top with a chunky chili paste dressing garnish with green onion and cilantro.

Bangkok Tail Salad            $8.99

Shredded papaya and carrot tossed with lime chili vinaigrette and topped with grilled shrimp.

Larb Salad (Chicken,              $8.50beef, pork or tofu)

Minced and seasoned with lime juice, herbs, onions, ground roasted rice and spices. (Larb is a thai food preparation.)

Tucked, Pinched, Crumbled or Rolled


Spring Rolls $3.99(or
(Chicken or

Stuffed with cabbage and carrot lightly deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Taro Spring Roll $3.99

(2pcs & seasonal)

Stuffed with taro lightly deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Fresh Rolls (2pcs)                 $5.99

Fried tofu, rice noodles, carrots, lettuce, mint leaves, basil leaves wrapped with rice paper served with a sweet brown sauce top with ground peanut.

Salmon Roll (2pcs) $5.99

Salmon mixed mild sriracha sauce and rolled with bean sprouts and then crisped to perfection.

Silk Elephant Rice               $5.99
Wrapper Rolls (2pcs)

Cucumber, carrot, lettuce, cream cheese, crab meat in rice paper wrap served with a sweet chili sauce.


Moo and Goong $4.50
(or Steamed Dumplings

Minced pork and shrimp in dumpling wrapper served with a ginger sesame soy sauce.

Vegetable Steamed $3.99 Dumplings (3pcs)

Mixed vegetables in dumpling wrapper served with a ginger sesame soy sauce.

Seafood Steamed                 $4.99
Dumplings (3pcs)

Shrimp and crabmeat in dumpling wrapper served with a ginger sesame soy sauce.

Salmon Dumplings (2pcs) $4.50

Lightly deep fried salmon, onion, cabbage, and carrot in dumpling wrapper top with our homemade wasabi sauce.

More Small Bites From Land & Sea

Curry Puffs (2pcs) $5.99
(Also available with
taro filling)

Minced pork and shrimp in dumpling wrapper served with a ginger sesame soy sauce.

Thai Crab Crowns $4.50


Perfect blended crab meat and cream cheese wrapped with wonton skin then deep fried.

Crispy Rice With a                 $4.99
Dipping Sauce (3pcs)

Sizzling rice cake bites served with a sheer dipping sauce of ground shrimp, chicken and peanut.

Chicken Wrapped In $4.99
Pandanus Leaf (3pcs)

Marinated chicken, lightly deep fried in pandanus leaf. This fragrant meat is then served with a sesame sauce.


Tofu Crisp $4.99

Fried tofu wedges served with a sweet & sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

Corn Fritters $4.99

Seasoned yellow corns coated in a thin crispy batter and served with a sweet chili paste sauce.

Taro Crunch                 $4.50

Fresh taro coated in a batter black sesame seed then deep fried and served with a sweet and sour sauce and crushed peanuts.

More Tapas

Rack of Lamb (2pcs) $8.99

Marinated lamb ribs delicately drizzled with a green curry house made sauce and fresh shredded vegetables in a base.

Satay Beef or $4.99
Chicken (3pcs)

Strips of marinated beef of chicken breast grilled on bamboo skewers and served with our homemade peanut and cucumber sauce.

Thai Style Grilled                 $7.99
Pork Chop

Marinated pork chop on top of spring mixed salad and topped with a sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Kabobs $5.50

Succulent skewers of chicken and vegetables in a slightly sweet marinade. Served with sticky rice and a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Phuket Beef or Pork                $7.50

Marinated beef or pork with herbs, thinly sliced and served with our special sauce and sticky rice.

Fish & Seafood Tapas

Crispy Calamari $5.99

Calamari strips marinated with fresh herbs and garlic served with our homemade avocado sauce.

Mussels Siam on the $5.99

Half Shell (4pcs)

Fresh mussels on the half shell dressed in a creamy, yet mildly spicy sauce and then baked to perfection. Must try!

Chili paste Crowned                 $7.99

Large succulent scallops crowned with a chunky chili paste sauce that is accented with fragrant kymer lime leaf.

Haw Mork Fish $5.95

A steamed red curry and tilapia soufflé topped with a splash of coconut milk served in a banana leaf cup.

Thai Shrimp & Pork $5.50

Delicately deep fried squares of herbal shrimp and ground pork served with a traditional Thai cucumber sauce.

Steamy Mussels               $7.99

Mussels steamed with basil, galangal, lemongrass and then steeped to perfection in a herbal Thai broth.

Fish Cakes (3pcs) $4.99

Lightly deep fried patties of king fish meat mixed with a mild curry paste shredded green bean and Thai seasonings. Served with a traditional cucumber sauce.

Siam Paragon               $8.99
(Signature Dish)

Jumbo shrimp and crab meat beautifully hand wrapped in egg noodles and drizzled in a trio of tamarind, coconut and panang curry sauce.



Choice of beef, chicken, pork, tofu, vegetables. (Mixed meat add $2.00, Add $4.00 for shrimp or seafood)

Red Curry $13.99

Your choice of meat mixed with bamboo shoot, baby corn, basil leaves in coconut milk and red curry paste.

Lamb Curry $15.99

Zesty stew with a light ginger and tamarind spiced sauce featuring lamb pineapple, carrot and shredded ginger.

Duck Curry                 $15.99($13.99) (Faux Duck
also available)

Boneless roasted duck mixed with tomato, grape, pineapple in coconut milk and curry paste.

Green Curry $13.99

Your choice of meat mixed with broccoli, green bean, snow pea, eggplant, basil leaves and bell pepper in coconut milk and green curry paste.

Wild Curry $13.99

Crushed fresh chili with green bean, eggplant, bamboo shoot, mushroom and Thai fresh herbs. Starts at a minimum of spicy 4 ! (Spicy curry, no coconut milk but very flavorful)

Mussamun Curry               $14.99

Your choice of meat or tofu mixed with carrot, onion and potatoes mixed with coconut milk in mussaman curry paste with a peanut topping. (Sweet taste with a strong peanut flavor.)

Panang Curry $13.99

Your choice of meat mixed with broccoli, bell pepper, carrot and baby corn in coconut milk and panang curry paste.

Sautéed & Grilled

Choice of beef, chicken, pork, or (tofu & vegetables). (Add $4.00 for jumbo shrimp or seafood)

Grilled Chicken & $14.99
Papaya Salad

Half chicken marinated in Thai herbs and displayed on a side of papaya salad.

Traditional Ginger $14.99

Ginger match sticks sautéed to a light brown sesame oil and then stir fried with scallions, peppers and your choice of meat.

Rack of Lamb (5pcs)                $20.99

Marinated lamb ribs delicately drizzled with a green curry house made sauce and fresh shredded vegetables in a base.

Baby Corn & $13.99
Mushrooms or
Snow Peas & Mushrooms

These favorite vegetable duos served with your choice of meat in a light brown sauce.

Sautee Mixed $13.99

A beautiful mix of fresh broccoli, napa, baby corn, carrots, snow peas, fresh mushrooms and basil leaves in a light soy sauce.

Tamarind Supreme

(Available in the following)

Duck (half) $19.99

Crab Cake $21.99

Delicious house-made crab cake with macadamia nuts in a panang curry sauce with a mix of vegetables and Thai noodle as a side.

Basil Duck                $19.99

Flavorful bites of marinated duck in a dark basil sauce, crowned with crispy basil leaves, carrots, snow peas and mushroom.

Tofu Supreme $13.99

Cashew Nut $14.99

Your choice of meat stir-fried with white onions, broccoli, and cashew nuts in zesty chili paste.

Sweet & Sour $14.99

Tangy sweet and sour house made Thai sauce with pineapple, bell peppers, yellow onions, tomatoes, green onions and cucumber.

Filet Fish (market)

Please ask your server about today's fresh pick.

Basil Leaf $13.99

Your choice of meat stir-fried with basil leaf, bell pepper in a spicy garlic sauce



Noodles & Fried Rice

(Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, vegetable or shrimp)

Pad Thai $13.99

Lightly sweet and nutty in flavor, this narrow stir fried noodle is a traditional Thai favorite. Your choice of meat mixed with egg, green onion and crushed peanuts.

Noodle Curry $13.99

This variation on red curry serves this favorite dish with Northern style Thai food. Egg noodle and chicken in our special curry sauce top with pickled cabbage, onion and crispy noodles.

Basil Fried Rice                $10.99

Your choice of meat, onion, green and red bell pepper stir fried with garlic, sweet basil leaf and chili with jasmine rice.

Pad See Ew (See U) $13.99

Stir fried broad noodles in a hearty brown sauce mixed with egg, broccoli florets and yellow bean sauce.

Crispy Noodle With $13.99
Brown Gravy

Crispy egg noodles served with mixed vegetables in a gravy sauce.

Curry Fried Rice $10.99

Yellow curry stir fried with egg, onion, tomato, green peas, green onion and bean spout.

Pad Kee Mow $13.99

Stir fried broad noodles in a zesty garlic chili sauce with fresh Asian basil and Napa.

Fruity Fried Rice $11.99

A variation of pineapple fried rice. This variation adds in grapes, apples, pineapple, raisins and citrus to make a refreshing rice dish. Garnished with cashew and mandarin oranges.

Traditional Fried $10.99

Thai style fried rice mixed with white onion, tomato, green pea and egg.

Noodle Soups

Thai Noodle Soup $10.99
(With Broth)

Your choice of broth, chicken or beef, over thin ribbon noodles and green onions. Add your own basil, bean sprouts and lime, along with Thai condiments.

Thai Noodle Soup $10.99
(Without Broth)

Your choice of chicken or beef tossed with garlic oil over thin ribbon noodles, ground peanut and green onions.

Duck Noodle Soup  $13.99

Duck broth over egg noodles and green onions. Add your own basil, bean sprouts and lime, along with Thai condiments.

Side Orders

Steamed Jasmine Rice $1.75

Brown Rice $2.25

Peanut Sauce $0.50

Coconut Jasmine $2.25

Sticky Rice $2.99

Ginger Dressing $0.50

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Thai IcedTea $3.50

Mango Juice $3.50

Soda $2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

Thai Iced Coffee $3.50


Coconut Juice $3.50

Spring Water $3.99

Thai Lemon Tea $3.50

Sparkling $3.50 / $4.50


Hot Tea

Green Tea $3.00 / $4.99

Two Infusions/Whole Pot

Formosa $3.00 / $4.99

Guava Leaf $3.00 / $4.99

Two Infusions/Whole Pot


Taro Custard Cake $4.95

This tall taro delight is a cross between a moist cake and custard. Has caramel-like qualities. Absolutely delicious!

Jack Fruit Seeds $4.25

Hand formed like marzipan, this yellow bean paste is a sweet and light way to end a meal.

Thai Custad with $4.00
Coconut Sweet
Sticky Rice

Mango With$4.25
Coconut Sweet
Sticky Rice

(In Season)

Homemade Ice Creams

Coconut $4.00

Green Tea $4.00



*Choice of spicy (1 to 10) 

*Prices are subject to change without notice

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness

*Menu items are prepared in facility that uses nuts, wheat and other common allergens

*free refill drinks cannot shared

*Due to space limitation not all ingredients can be disclosed and are subject to change without notice

*Checks can be separate for parties of 4 or less only

*Up to 8 credit cards can be charged for large parties

*We cannot accept personal checks

*18-20% Gratuity may be applied for parties of 5 or more